SOX Compliance and Controls Evaluation

We collaborate with management to create and implement a unique approach to corporate governance controls, SOX Sections 302/404 compliance and other regulatory requirements. We extend this approach to the operating, technology, software and process areas to expand SOX into a sustainable business process and have an effective transition plan to minimize disruptions to new clients.

This approach allows us to:

  • Provide unique insight, value and leading practices for SOX compliance
  • Offer “outside the box” recommendations to reduce cost and improve the process
  • Consider the current economic environment when developing the right SOX compliance approach
  • Coordinate compliance with independent auditors to fully understand the internal controls surrounding financial reporting for a firm
  • Foster a relationship that maximizes reliance by the company’s independent auditors on work performed by internal audit
  • Develop templates that improve the efficiency of the SOX compliance function, and which are reviewed and approved by all the Big Four and regional accounting firms
  • Deliver flexibility and responsiveness to the changing needs of organizations

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