Outsourced / Co-sourced Internal Audit

Outsourced Internal Audit

At DLA, we have highly experienced internal audit specialists who come from varying backgrounds in both operational and audit roles. With expertise and deep knowledge across a variety of industries, we provide a value-added internal audit function that has proven exceptionally effective in maximizing independent auditor reliance on our work.

By employing a multi-disciplinary approach that allows us to engage the right resources for the right situation, our team of experts in internal control, technical accounting, forensics, technology, as well as process and efficiencies, all work together to deliver an unrivaled customer experience.

Our internal audit approach includes a vigorous discovery process, which includes benchmarking companies and investigating our clients’ roles in their respective industries. We also stay in constant contact with our clients to share knowledge about industry issues and trends, SEC changes and any other information we may ascertain on new and relevant developments.

Co-sourced Internal Audit

DLA has performed hundreds of audits for our clients and is well suited to perform audit projects based on the needs of our clients. We establish that in-house auditors retain responsibility for the internal audit process, which, in turn, allows DLA to be called on to provide specialized technical skills and personnel. Our team provides support to companies that don’t have the capacity to perform all its internal audit tasks.

Clients choose DLA because we provide a level of objectivity that in-house auditors often cannot. We leverage the broad knowledge and expertise of our clients’ Internal Audit resources and execute projects without adding staff. Our capabilities allow us to reduce the additional overhead associated with recruiting, training, administrating, facilitating and maintaining downtime for in-house auditors.

DLA focuses on providing Outsourced or Co-sourced Internal Audit, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance, and other value-added risk management and compliance services. We can supplement a firm’s existing team or provide a fully outsourced approach.

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